Friday, October 4, 2013

A Project like the Angel Quilt Project is only as good......... the people who participate!

Nothing could be truer!

If it weren't for the wonderful stitchers and finishers the AQP has, then there wouldn't be an AQP or even the blanket we give to the hospital NICUs/SCBUs here in the US, Canada and the UK.

I just got two blankets from Jen Winborn, in Texas.  Jen has only been with the AQP for only a couple of months and her work is just BEAUTIFUL!

I honestly wish ya'll could see her work personally.  I'm telling you, SHE'S GOOD!!!!!

Everyone who has, or is still cotinuing to do work for the AQP is a Godsend to the project.  Each and every one of you does something that's vitally important to the project and without you all nothing would be accomplished here.

Each and every stitcher or machine embroiderer makes contributions with each piece donated to us.  The same goes for the finishers who turn those beautiful stitched pieces into our hand-made blankets.

I've got 2 events this month in which I'll be showcasing our blankets and taking up donations and I'll be sure to post pics once the events are done so everyone can see them.

In the meantime, please keep up with the stitching, machine embroidery and the finishing.

You're all greatly appreciated and I can never thank you all enough.