Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Huge welcome to can.aqphome.org!!!

Well, the Angel Quilt Project now has a new sister web-site: can.aqphome.org and I encourage everyone to pay a visit there.

With a Canadian Division web-site now available the Canadian members now have a place they can call their own and do things there that would fit in better with Canada and those who actually live there.

While primarily an AQP site it will also showcase the country itself and what's happening up there, as well as reflect what the Canadians are doing differently from the other groups, like the www.aqphome.org and the future UK web-site that is currently in the works.

It is nice to be able to now say we will have 3 different sites to choose from.  What you might find on one site will not necessarily be on all three.  We want each site to reflect the customs and styles we've come to associate with each country.  After all Canada isn't the US and neither is the UK, and the UK isn't Canada, etc..................

I now wonder why someone didn't think of this long ago, but then again we were without our resident web-master, Julie, to come up with things like this, along with our new Face Book page.  Julie does know what she's doing and I really think we'd be lost without her able assistance, so a huge THANK YOU TO JULIE, Please!  She rightfully deserves it.

James Farmer, Founder
The Angel Quilt Project

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Things are looking up...................

I've seen more people wanting to join the AQP since the advent of the Face Book page and that's great!  I've always stated that the more the merrier here and that seems to be true. 

Not only are people here in the US asking to join but so are others from different parts of the world.  This means more global exposure for the AQP and I'm always happy with that.

I've beem pleased to see more pics on the FB page, as well.  Linda has done some very beautiful pieces and believe me, the pictures don't do them the right justice.  You absolutely have to truly see them to appreciate the time and effort she puts into each one. 

That also goes for the other finishers for the project, not to mention the stitchers.  Their works are stunning at times and it always makes me happy to see what each and every one of you do here.  The work is truly stunning and lovely at the same time and I'm pleased that so much love and effort goes into each piece of art.


Yes, each piece is a work of art and the time and effort that goes into each piece is priceless and I'm sure that the families who eventually get our blankets would agree.

Keep up the good work everyone and believe me when I tell you that I can't thank you enough for all you've done - and continue to do - for the Angel Quilt Project.

Many times I've said this, the AQP isn't about me, it's not about you, but it's about the love and care we each put into our work to bring a little bit of joy to the parent's who are struggling each and every day that their child(ren) are in a NICU or a SCBU.  If we can accomplish bring a little bit of light into their lives during these trying times, then our 'mission' is complete.

Once more, thank you all for all that you do.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

A busy week.....

Well this has been one busy week.

My grandson, Tyler Montgomery, plays Coach Pitch baseball and his team recently finished 2nd in the district here in Greenville, MS.  With that achievement his team has gone on to the State Finals and right now that team is still in the hunt for the title.

Over the weekend they lost their first round of the playoffs but came back in the Loser's Braket and won the last two games, including a come-from-behind victory in their last game tonight. Tomorrow they'll play again, this time with a team from Pascagoula, MS.  We're hoping they'll continue to win and go further.

As for the AQP, not much going on right now to report, other than I got a pic of one of the Charlie's Ark quilts and from what I've seen it's going to be great!  Once the piece is finished and I have it here I'll take pics and post for all to see.

Oh yes, lest I forget, our newest grandson, Gentry Wyatt Wicker was born on this past Tuesday, weighting in at 11.2 lbs and 21 inches long!!!  Mom is doing well.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Have you ever wondered...............................

.........what life would be like if you'd made different decisions at one time or another?

I know I have.

Many times over the life of the AQP I've considered closing the whole thing down.

I stopped the Australian Division when the head of the project, Melanie, passed away from a combination of Lupus and Breast Cancer.  The Australian Division was just getting into the swing of things and it was looking good.  No one wanted the responsibility of taking over Down Under and I really had no choice.  Now, I wonder.........................

I actually make an announcement on the UK Yahoo Group site for the AQP that a closing was near.  I even mentioned a date for it to happen.   Some of the UK members got in touch with me personally and asked that I reconsider.  I did.  Obviously the UK Division is still going and is getting stronger and Julie (Our Web-Mistress) has even opened a web-site dedicated to them.  I wonder......................

The Canadian Division has always done a good job.  Lorrie and her mother , Dodie, were some of the first Canadians to join the AQP way back when and I've always treasured their friendships and what they've meant to the AQP over the years.  Never in my mind had I even considered closing down that group, cause everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and were doing a wonderful job up there.  I wonder.................................

I've even come close to closing down the US Division at one or two different occasions.  Dale 'talked' me out of it, and I'm glad she did.  I wonder...............................

A lot of wondering to be done, but in truth I don't regret any of my decisions regarding the Angel Quilt Project.

Just as I was giving serious thoughts to shutting IT ALL DOWN, Julie got back in touch with me.  Only now she was no longer in Texas.  She was MARRIED!!!  And LIVING IN FINLAND!!!!  Whoa there................

Anyway, I'm glad she's returned to help us, as the AQP web-site was in serious dissaray and way too outta date!  She's revamped the site, added a Face Book page for us, opened web-sites for Canada AND the UK, and even got this blog opened so I can 'talk' about things AQP related. 

Ain't life weird?? 

Ain't life funny??

I had begun to doubt myself here and what I was contributing to the AQP.  I hadn't done any stitching, SERIOUS stitching in years and to tell the truth my heart just wasn't in it anymore.  I'd stitched a whole lot back in '06 and '07, when I was recovering from my by-pass surgery and then my brain surgery after the brain aneurysm.  Heck, for two years I was in recovery from one or both of those surgeries and at one time I could actually do nothing but sit, watch TV and stitch.  I think I did something like 150 pieces then.  LOL.  I actually enjoyed it again.

Then I got 'out' of it and I don't really know why.

I have to be in a certain mood to do things, like which book I'll read, what piece I'll stitch, you know, stuff like that.  I wasn't in the mood to stitch any more, so I let it sit and collect dust.

Then I bought a UK Stitching magazine and found Charlie's Ark!  That's what really got me into stitching again.  Thanks UK!!!!  LOL!

I've always love their charts and how the finished pieces look.  I've even learned to love stitching more on Evenweave then on Aida.  So much more can be done on Evenweave and the usage of 1/2 and 3/4 stitches is so much easier.

Well, to the present day........

I'm stitching almost full-time again!  I've completed 8 Charlie's Ark pieces, sent off about 7 of them (Some of them not mine! LOL!) to one of the finishers for a large blanket and 6 of another Charlie's Ark pieces for a large boys blanket.  I'm about to finish the second of 6 Charlie's Ark pieces for another large blanket, this time for a girl.

I've even done 2 Hello Kitty pieces for another large blanket and have another one planned as soon as I finish my Charlie's Ark girls pieces and another piece for the Canadian Division.  I promised Lorrie I'd do one for them.  Still.........................

.............................I wonder............................

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Some random thoughts.........

I just realized something earlier this week.  I've been posting that we've been doing this group now for 13+ years, but in reality it's been 14+ years!!!  How stupid of me!  I can't even remember how old this group is!  Oh well, I guess it's my age showing!

Anywho, I've been sitting here and doing a whole lot of stitching lately, much more then I've done in the past couple of years and I've realized just how much I actually missed doing it again. 

I've been working on a series of Charlie's Ark pieces and over this past week I've finished 6 new pieces and gotten them sent to a finisher in Montana.  Those 6 pieces will be for a boys blanket and I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Right now I've finished the first of another 6 Charlie's Ark pieces, this series to be for a girl this time around.  While the boys blanket features Charlie and 4 of his animals and the Charlie's Ark logo, this one will feature his sister, Susie and another 4 of the animals and the Charlie's Ark logo again.

I guess the thing I like the most about all of these charts is that they use the same colors over and over and you don't have to go searching for a new color, unless you've run out of one of the flosses you're using, so it's much easier to work with. 

The down side is that there are a lot of half and 3/4 stitches but I've gotten around them and gotten quite use to them by now.  They are fun though, but sometimes a reat PITA!  LOL!

Once I finish this piece I've promised Lorrie I'd do a piece for Canada and I'm looking forward to that.  I've not done much stitching for the Canadian Division so this one will be fun.  I'm looking forward to sending her a piece.  Next I'll have to do something to send to Dale so that she won't think I've forgotten about here up there in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Like I could do that!  LOL!

I have found another Hello Kitty piece that looks interesting and I might just add that to my list and send that one to Dale to finish and send back to me.  I can use it as a fundraiser for the AQP.

Speaking of fund-raisers......

I've sent off 8 or 9 pieces to Jennifer in Texas for a larger Charlie's Ark blanket and I hope that one turns out well and I am looking forward to seeing it, too.  I'm taking requests for the 2014 Special Project for the AQP until the first of the year and an announcement will be made in January of 2014 as to what that Special Project will be, so keep an eye open for that.  Right now Sponge Bob, Hello Kitty (again!), and the AQP angels I designed are in the running, so keep those requests coming in to me at Eprise01@aol.com.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and I do hope each and everyone of you here in the USA had a wonderful holiday.  Be safe!  Enjoy the time with your families!  Keep everyone in our Armed Forces in your prayers, as well as their families!  Enjoy the Fireworks and HAE A GOOD TIME!