Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It's been a while......

Hello there...............

I know.

It's been a while since I last posted but a lot has happened and it really upset me at that particular time.

Just as things were starting to get straightened out and the AQP was getting re-established once again on the WWW, a mini-crisis occured that I had to handle.  Not that I truly wanted to!

It got to the point where I was seriously contemplating closing down the whole AQP but thankfully saner heads 'arrived' and the closing was avoided.

I've never really wanted to close the AQP, becasue we do help a lot of families in difficult times and I'm extremely proud of what the whole project has done over the course of 14 years.  I truly believe that the AQP does make a difference in the lives of families with premature babies, as well as for children in Children's Cancer Clinics and Regional Burn Centers.

I enjoy taking the blankets to NICUs in Mississippi and seeing the faces of the families and the nursing staffs when the precious pieces are delivered and when a family gets one (or more, in the case of twins or triplets) and it brings joy to my heart and an occasional tear as well.

There have been changes though.

Kim is no longer heading the AQP, Canada Division.  It is once more under Lorrie Ramsay and her mother Dodie.  I wish nothing but the best for Kim and whatever she does from here, and the same go to Lorrie and Dodie.

The UK Division is going on and Sue and Caroline are doing a wonderful job there as well.

If anyone reading this would like to learn more on the AQP, please go to our web-site at www.aqphome.org to learn more and hopefully you'll want to help us as well. 

We are always looking for new stitchers and finishers to help us stitch the center-pieces, make the blankets, and distribute them as well.  If you would like to help us, please contact me at Eprise01@aol.com and I'll get with you as soon as I can.


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