Sunday, August 18, 2013

Craft Show Update.....

Well, I got some good news earlier this week.

The Angel Quilt Project will be setting up at the Hot Tamale Festival here in Greenville, MS in the middle of October 2013!

This is the second year for the festival and I'm looking forward to it, too.  Last year I was sick and didn't get to attend, and besides that I was rained out half-way through the day!  That Mississippi Delta weather can be fickle at times!  LOL!

Anywho, the space I'll have this year will be DOUBLE what I usually get at craft shows and with Ann getting a tent for her brithday this year (Yes, it's what she asked for!) that means more space to showcase the blankets the AQP does as well as more hanging space for the larger pieces!  YEAH!!!

Jennifer Winborn sent me the newest large blanket, a Charlie's Ark piece with a center-piece I did and with 8 pieces from other members of the AQP.  I also have two of the Roly Poly Cherished Teddies blankets to hang and display as well.  I've got almost double the number of blankets to take this year and most of them are new and never shown at crafts shows in the past, so I'm hoping more donations will be made.

I'll take pics of the set-up, as I always do, and will post them to both the Facebook and Yahoo Groups sites for all to see.

Just thought you'd like to know........


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