Thursday, August 8, 2013

We do make a difference..................

Yeah, yeah.  I know.  It's been a while since I posted here, but things happen and I wasn't able to keep up the weekly (?) postings and for that I do apologize.  What can I say?  Life happens!  LOL!

Anywho, I'm back..............

One of the things I love about the AQP is the diversity of the membership.  With 3 different Divisions you can be sure of differences in just about everything involved.

I guess that's one of the things I love about this project. 

In the US Division it seems like more and more people are wanting to join and contribute to our efforts and I'm always happy to approve their requests and get them pointed in the 'right direction' for the project.  The finished works of everyone constantly amazes me with their beauty and depth.

In the Canadian Division Kim, Dodie and Lorrie (Not to mention ALL the members there) have come up with ideas for an AQP Canadian Division Web-site and it's coming along very nicely and their input for Julie has helped to shape that new site.  I'm very impressed with with has appeared on there, as well as the participation of everyone to make the Canadian AQP web-site a great place.

With the UK Division the same is being done, and hopefully a UK AQP web-site will soon be ready for the UK stitchers to use and to call 'their own'.  Sue and Caroline are working with Julia to get their new site ready and what we really need now is the input from the UK members themselves so that this site can be shaped and molded into something uniquely UKish!

During the first 10 years of the Angel Quilt Project we managed to get out something like over 50,000 of our hand-made blankets to families with premature babies and those with seriously ill children and that's something I'm quite proud of.  Of course back then we had a 4th Division, in Australia and they did a wonderful job down there as well.

Well, the Australian Division folded after only 3 years due to the death of the head of that division and no one wanting to take over down there, which was a shame.  During those 3 years the Australian members distributed over 5,000 blankets!!!  Yes! 5,000 blankets in just 3 years!  I am very proud of that achievement!  Just shows what can be done when you've got people truly interested in what the AQP was doing down there.  Hopefully one of these days I can get it started again, and Yes, I have been in touch with several of the older members down there who are expressing an interest in getting started once again.  I'll let everyone know what happens.

In the past 4+ years the distribution has slipped somewhat, with the combined total of blankets donated to NICUs and SCBUs coming in at just under 6,000 pieces.  But hey, I'm not complaining!  That's still 6,000 families who got our blankets for their babies and I'm still very proud of that, as well.

As a group, the AQP is making a difference and it's something each and every member of the AQP should be proud of.  I'm proud of all of you!  You continue to do what I started the AQP to do, give something to families who find themselves in situations they had never planned for.  We've given then a ray of sunshine during a difficult time and the letters we still get from those families still prove that, so please, keep up the great work.

I can never thank you enough but I will continue to try, so THANK YOU ALL for your efforts here and I look forward to sending our more of our blankets.


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