Monday, August 12, 2013

New Web-Site.....

Well, our web-master has done it once again!

Besides our main web-site at we now have............. and....................!!!

Each division of the Angel Quilt Project now has it's own web-site!  YEAH!!!

Now everyone within their division has a showcase for their works, along with web-sites for cross stitch charts (freebies of course), and each site is geared towards that division, at least the UK and Canadian Divisions are.  The main site,, will still incorporate from each site as well and, naturally, is open to anyone who wants to post there.

One of the things I particularly love with the UK site is the memorial to Belle Collingwood.  Belle was a very important part of the UK Division and her early passing left, and still leaves, a hole in our hearts.  She's dearly missed.  She put her heart and soul into the UK Division and the Division grew under here directions.  Sadly she never got to see her newest great grandchild but a blanket was done in her honor for the child and I understand the family loves it.  I'm so glad.

I do hope you'll check out all three sites and do hope you're inspired by what you see there, because we all have a blast doing this.


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